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Summary of the E-Commerce Business Architecture:

What is the ECBA platform?

The E-Commerce Business Architecture (ECBA) is a complete front and backend for e-commerce businesses to conduct safe and secure online transactions and efficiently manage purchases through the entire order process. ECBA is written in ASP.NET (C#) and SQL Server 2000 for Windows XP/2000.

What sets ECBA apart from other e-commerce platforms?

ECBA performs basic tasks that other e-commerce platforms perform, however the project was not created to reinvent the wheel, but rather to add a level of insertion that is not seen in current open source solutions. What really sets ECBA apart from other open source packages is its integration into the entire infrastructure of the company.

The project is based on the lead programmer's experience in the e-commerce industry, and is designed to meet the realistic requirements of a high-volume online business with a medium- to large-sized staff. Click here to learn more about ECBA.
News and Updates

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