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A list of features will be available upon the release of ECBA.

Under Development

Feature Progress Status Description
Administration console 10% Developing Admin console to give full control over website
Intranet task manager 0% Planned System for personel to conduct certain tasks via an intranet
Publish staging 0% Planned A 3 stage publishing system (edit, preview, live)
Database uploading 0% Planned Upload item database in csv or sql form
Item search 0% Planned Item search system
Item sorting 0% Planned Sort items on page by x (price, size, etc)
Pagination 0% Planned Optional pagination for sections with many items
"Item added" page 0% Planned Optional "x added to cart" forwarding page
Breadcrumbs 0% Planned Breadcrumbs from root to item
Site map 0% Planned Site map generation
XML feeds 0% Planned XML feeds of purchasable items

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